The Netherne-On-The-Hill Residents Association (aka NoTHRA) was originally formed in 2003 to represent the views of residents to both the developers and the planning authority.  Also acting as the focal point for the development of policies affecting the community facilities.

Since the developer left the village in 2010, the residents association has diverted its energy and focus to building a strong social scene, develop ties with local authorities, liasing with Netherne Management Ltd (aka NML)(the management company running the village) and other interested parties.  They are also the champion of any issues raised by residents that need to be heard by the local council and other such bodies.

The NoTHRA committee is comprised totally of unpaid volunteers from all sections of the village.  All are dedicated to work for the common good of “the people” of Netherne.

Membership is open to all households at Netherne-on-the-Hill.

The AGM is held once a year (usually around Jan-Feb)(dependant on availability of the village hall) and other open meetings take place as required throughout the year.  Please keep an eye on this website and on the The Village Hall noticeboard for dates of the AGM and other meetings as appropriate.


Chairman: Anita Aldous

Secretary: Ranji Vimalathas

Treasurer: Alison Johnson

And other residents across the village.


Below is a summary of the objectives of NoTHRA

  • To protect and advance the interests of home owners and residents on matters concerning housing, the environment, social and community life.
  • To promote the interests and rights of homeowners, and residents.
  • To promote and encourage community spirit amongst all residents.
  • To preserve and support the amenities and facilities of the area.
  • To work closely with Netherne on the Hill Management Limited and all other local areas residents’ management companies to achieve common objectives on the services to be provided to the local residents.

Maybe you want to attend a meeting or have a matter raised and discussed, or maybe you just have some feedback or comment on the minutes? If so please get in touch via the ‘Contact Us’ page. NOTHRA is run by residents for residents of Netherne-on-the-Hill so please do get involved and help make the village a better, brighter place.

Current Meeting Minutes:

Nothra Minutes (final) Sept 2015 V1 2

NORTHA July 2015

Minutes NoTHRA 13 May 2015Minutes-NoTHRA-13-May-2015.docx

01 NoTHRA EGM Meeting Minutes 18-01-2014 (PDF)

01a NoTHRA AGM Meeting Minutes 18-01-2014 (PDF)

02 NoTHRA Meeting Minutes 12-02-2014 (PDF)

Archive Meeting Minutes:

2011 NOTHRA AGM Minutes (PDF)
2010 NOTHRA AGM Minutes (PDF)

August 2011 NOTHRA Committee Minutes (PDF)
June 2011 NOTHRA Committee Minutes (PDF)
May 2011 NOTHRA Committee Minutes (PDF)
April 2011 NOTHRA Committee Minutes (PDF)
March 2011 NOTHRA Committee Minutes (PDF)