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We get a number of updates and notices from the local council, police and other official bodies whose influence touches on the village.

Here we will try and post any information that could prove helpful and informative to village residents.

If you have anything relevant you believe would be of interest to your neighbours please contact us and we will try and make it available here.

Netherne-on-the-Hill Road Adoption

We have recently received notification that a number of roads on the Netherne on the Hill development in Reigate & Banstead were adopted by Surrey County Council on 5 May 2015.

The roads in question (with USRN) are as follows:

  • Netherne Drive (31201701)
  • Tugswood Close (31201852)
  • Cherrytrees (31201803)
  • Broadwood Road (31201853)
  • Bowen Way (31201851)
  • Rookery Mead – remainder of road not already adopted (31201805)
  • Beckett Road (31201850)
  • Thistley Close (31201854)
  • Cayton Road – remainder not already adopted (31201702)
  • Hine Close (31209232)
  • Jennys Way – part (31201703)
  • Harden Farm Close (31201705)The road number D1155 has been allocated to all the above roads.

Local Police Information

Below is a link to the Neighbourhood team for Surrey Police.

Surrey-i – Find your neighbourhood quirks and perks

Surrey-i is a free and easy-to-use tool, offering residents the chance to discover facts and figures about their neighbourhood. From the best performing schools, to local crime rates and care homes offering places for the elderly, Surrey-i provides a unique insight into the county.

The free site developed by Surrey County Council has a built-in map and by entering their postcode residents can find a host of other services and facilities in their community. These include the nearest schools and libraries as well as information on local doctors, hospitals, charities and councillors. Other features allow people to find their closest railway station, bus stop, dentist, nursery or beauty spot.

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