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If you want to be a member of the Netherne-on-the-Hill Residents association (NoTHRA) website please use the link below.  Joining the site is free, you won’t be inundated with any mails (we will never, ever give any email addresses to anyone) and it means you can reply to posts and post messages on the Forum.

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Guide to Registering (it can be a bit annoying!)

You will need a valid email address and this will be checked so please be aware this may take a short time.

You will receive an email in your inbox with a link.  It will also give you a randomly generated password.

Click on the link, enter your new username and the random password and you will be logged in.

Change your password – You can change this password to something you will remember by going to the ‘Dashboard’ link you will see in the top left of your screen when you are logged in.  Then click on ‘Your Profile’ that is shown in the left hand menu.  You can change the password on this screen.

Simple rules – Please bear in mind that any posts you make are subject to the simple site rules:  No abusive, aggresive, unsavoury and generally offensive posts will be tolerate here.  This site has a family audience so please bear that in mind before you post.  And no posts advertising anything will be allowed either.  This is a community site, not a commercial venture.  A more detailed explanation of the rules can be found on the Forum.  Break these rules and you will be banned from the site.  So there!